Physics for Engineers and Scientists

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Physics for Engineers and Scientists


Designed for the introductory, calculus-based physics course, Physics for Engineers and Scientists is distinguished by its lucid exposition and accessible coverage of fundamental physics concepts.

The text presents a modern view of classical mechanics and electromagnetism for today\’s science and engineering students, including coverage of optics and quantum physics and emphasizing the relationship between macroscopic and macroscopic phenomena.

Organized to address specific concepts and then build on them, the text divides each chapter into short, focused sections followed by conceptual review questions.

Using real-world examples throughout the text, the authors offer a glimpse of the practical applications of physics in science and engineering and develop a solid conceptual foundation that enables students to become better problem solvers.

A well-integrated media package extends this emphasis on core concepts and problem-solving skills by offering students and instructors many diverse opportunities for active learning.

Review from Luke G.

The book came in perfect condition. Giancoli is the premium standard for high school and college physics books. They are well written and contain a variety of problems that makes you think about the material in a different way.

It is a great supplement for classroom learning. As a Petroleum Engineering major, this book should have 5 stars. But the main issue I have is the price of the book, which is why I only gave it 4 stars.

I do not believe college students should have to pay that astronomical price. The price of this book can equal the price of the class, and that is not good.

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