Mathematics of Physics and Engineering

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Mathematics of Physics and Engineering

Aimed at scientists and engineers, this book is an exciting intellectual journey through the mathematical worlds of Euclid, Newton, Maxwell, Einstein, and Schrodinger-Dirac.

While similar books present the required mathematics in a piecemeal manner with tangential references to the relevant physics and engineering, this textbook serves the interdisciplinary needs of engineers, scientists, and applied mathematicians by unifying the mathematics and physics into a single systematic body of knowledge but preserving the rigorous logical development of the mathematics.

The authors take an unconventional approach by integrating mathematics with its motivating physical phenomena and, conversely, by showing how the mathematical models predict new physical phenomena.


  • Euclidean Geometry and Vectors
  • Vector Analysis and Classical and Relativistic Mechanics
  • Vector Analysis and Classical Electromagnetic Theory
  • Elements of Complex Analysis
  • Elements of Fourier Analysis
  • Partial Differential Equations of Mathematical Physics
  • Further Developments and Special Topics

Readership: Upper-level (engineering and physics) undergraduates taking a course in applied mathematics, other students and instructors in mathematics related to vector calculus, mechanics and classical electro-magnetic theory.

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