Introduction to Electrical Circuit Analysis

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Introduction to Electrical Circuit Analysis

A concise and original presentation of the fundamentals for ‘new to the subject’ electrical engineers

This book has been written for students in electrical engineering courses who don’t necessarily possess prior knowledge of electrical circuits. 

Based on the author’s own teaching experience, it covers the analysis of simple electrical circuits consisting of a few essential components using fundamental and well-known methods and techniques.

Although the above content has been included in other circuit analysis books, this one aims at teaching young engineers not only electrical and electronics engineering, but also from other areas, such as mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, mining engineering, and chemical engineering, with unique pedagogical features such as a puzzle-like approach and negative-case examples (such as the unique “When Things Go Wrong…” section at the end of each chapter). 

Believing that the traditional texts in this area can be overwhelming for beginners, the author approaches his subject by providing numerous examples for the student to solve and practice before learning more complicated components and circuits. 

These exercises and problems will provide instructors with in-class activities and tutorials, thus establishing this book as the perfect complement to the more traditional texts.

  • All examples and problems contain a detailed analysis of various circuits and are solved using a ‘recipe’ approach, providing a code that motivates students to decode and apply to real-life engineering scenarios
  • Covers the basic topics of resistors, voltage and current sources, capacitors and inductors, Ohm’s and Kirchhoff’s Laws, nodal and mesh analysis, black-box approach, and Thevenin/Norton equivalent circuits for both DC and AC cases in transient and steady states
  • Aims to stimulate interest and discussion in the basics, before moving on to more modern circuits with higher-level components
  • Includes more than 130 solved examples and 120 detailed exercises with supplementary solutions.
  • Accompanying website to provide supplementary materials.

About the Author

By Özgür Ergül, Associate Professor, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey.

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