Electrical And Electronics Engineering- U. Bakshi, V. Bakshi

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Electrical And Electronics Engineering- U. Bakshi, V. Bakshi

Overview of electrical and electronic engineering

Electrical and electronic engineering is one of the most important new disciplines in the scientific arena. It is a mixture of two closely related disciplines.

Electrical engineering is one of the branches of engineering science, and it is mainly concerned with the study of electrical, electronic, and electromagnetic properties and their various applications, while electronic engineering is an engineering specialty as well, but it is concerned with the study of electrical elements. effective and non-linear; In order to design circuits, systems, and electronic devices, and as it was said:

In electrical engineering, we need a crane to carry electric current, but we can carry electric current with the fingers of our hand in electronic engineering.

What are the advantages of studying electrical and electronic engineering?

The electrical and electronic engineering specialization is one of the important disciplines associated with most of the household appliances and household essentials that are around us, due to the large number of fields that achieve a distinguished return for the engineer specializing in electronics.

And if electrical engineering is related to matters related to high-voltage electrical systems, such as power transmission and motor control, then electronics engineering is related to the study of electronic systems with low standards in their current and voltage, such as computer science and integrated circuits, and all that we see in our lives from many things related to the fields of these Engineering.

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